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Bulb Adapter for your Super Bolex 18-5L

Ultra Rare Bulb Adapter for your Super Bolex 18-5L

Film Projector

75 Watt / 12 Volt

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This unit pays for itself due to original bulb cost. The original bulb is expensive and in short supply! The EFN bulb is fresh and is available for 7-10 dollars in any quantity!

Price 149.99 complete with bulb installed plus shipping in the USA!

Outside the USA usually 23.00 economy shipment contact us for an international quote and invoice!

This adapter is used in the Bolex film projector 18-5L FILM projector.

Using this adapter your projector will be able to use the inexpensive common EFN bulb to view your films. This will plug in just like a bulb and will save you big money, no more buying the expensive 13730C/04 bulb. The original 13730C/04 bulb has been discontinued and is in limited quantites when you can locate them at a high cost.

The EFN is newly manufactured and is very inexpensive. Also provides better light for your films and is long lasting.

This adapter was made by Bolex for the 18-5L projector only.  We have sold 8 of these Don't miss out on the last few we may ever have!

Email with any questions you may have. See pictures below:


 Complete with EFN bulb



Q: Why should I buy this adapter and lamp assembly?

A: This lamp and adapter will replace your old lamp.  The old discontinued lamp now averages $140.00 each because they are scarce/no longer made, and it lasts on average 20 hours of "ON" time.

Q: Does the lamp have any effect on the Projected Image?

A: Actually the new lamp is a warmer color tone and will provide a better color tone for your film, whether watching or transferring them to a new format.  If you are transferring film with a Bolex 18-5L you should be using this adapter or a different projector all together.

Q: Will I be able to buy the new lamp?

A: This Bolex lamp adapter will allow you to use a common, still produced bulb.  The new bulb lasts 50 hours on average and costs $7.00 each.

Q: Is my projector worth all this?

A: Bolex is one of the most revered names in motion picture cameras and projectors.  Common sense says!  Use your excellent Bolex projector for a small price per bulb.

Use the Original Bolex lamp adapter.  1 Left  !!  Buy it now before it is gone!  This is the last place to find one !

Email with Question is Very Welcome!

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